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About Indonesian Rumah Gadang
  Indonesian is a vast beautifully diverse country stretching for more than 5,000 kms across the equator, reughly the distance from London to Moscow. As the largest archipelago nation, it's comprising 17,508 islands. Indonesia has 220 millions people with 583 languages and dialects spoken in the archipelago. How ever Bahasa Indonesia is the National Language.

Indonesia's people are many and multiplicity of lifestyle and customs, absorbing during the course at their long and colorfull history the influences of other land. Yet, dispute these diffrences they are welded together by a strong sense of belonging to one nation, in their work, religions, customs & arts they celebrate in a thousand ways their pride and pleasure in being Indonesians. Variety and Diversity which is country motto, accerately describe these diverse cultural and colors and extra ordinary people brought together to create one nation, Indonesia.

In the upcoming Floriade 2002, in Haarlemmermeer, Amsterdam, all those colorful variety of Indonesia will be displayed and performed in the Indonesian Pavilion. Colors of Indonesia is the main theme of Indonesian Pavilion, as it will show all colors from Indonesia, from flower to tourism, from herbs to handicraft, from fruit to exotic traditional personal care.
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